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Bulgaria - June 2011

Bulgaria - June 2011

It was about 28 °C and it was time for observing Jewel Beetles in the field. Our collecting trip started in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. But our first target was the Rhodope Mountains and its xerothermic hillsides.


We arrived to the hills of Plovdiv in the afternoon.


Went up on the hill and saw flowering Leucanthemum sp.

Anthaxia bicolor

Colourful Jewel Beetles were sitting on it: Anthaxia bicolor Falderman, 1835…

Anthaxia scorzonerae

…and Anthaxia scorzonerae (Frivaldszky, 1838).


On the south-facing slope Ulmus sp. was standing sun exposed.

Lamprodila mirifica

On the leaves the Jewel Beetle Lamprodila mirifica (Mulsant, 1855) was common.

Agrilus auricollis

At this place Agrilus auricollis Kiesenwetter, 1857 taken its development in Celtis australis L. (Ulmaceae).

Plovdiv hill

View to the town. In the foreground the yellow flowers were very attractive for some kinds of Jewel Beetles as for the species shown in the following.

Anthaxia cichorii

Anthaxia cichorii (Olivier, 1790).

Anthaxia olympica

Anthaxia olympica Kiesenwetter, 1880.

Acmaeoderella circassica

Acmaeoderella circassica (Reitter, 1890).

Trachys problematica

The 3 milimeters sized Trachys problematica Obenberger, 1918 could be found sitting on its hostplant: Stachys recta L.


Near the Rhodope Mountains we found this orchard with Prunus avium L.

Prunus avium

A few very shiny Jewel Beetles could be found sitting on the leaves high into the treetops.

Lamprodila balcanica

One of them was Lamprodila balcanica (Kirchsberg, 1876).

Ptosima undecimmaculata

The common Ptosima undecimmaculata (Herbst, 1784) looks like a fire salamander, but it is not toxic.


Carduus sp. with a Curculionidae inside of the flower. 

Iphiclides podalirius

Iphiclides podalirius (Linnaeus, 1758) flew around.


Back again on the hills of Plovdiv. In the foreground Pistacia sp. is shown. Chrysobothris leonhardi Obenberger, 1916 could be observed while swarmed around this dry branches.

Agrilus buresi

On the leaves of Quercus sp. Agrilus buresi Obenberger, 1935 could be found.

Agrilus graminis

Also Agrilus graminis Kiesenwetter, 1857 swarmed around.

From Plovdiv we went to the legendary valley of Struma in the southwestern part of Bulgaria. On half of the way we found this nice place to collect.

Anthaxia millefolii

Anthaxia millefolii (Fabricius, 1801) on a yellow flower. This is one of the commonest species of Buprestidae in the eastern mediterranean area.

Lacerta viridis

Lacerta viridis (Laurenti, 1768) climbed on a cherry tree.

Eryngium campestre

On the ground grew a spiny plant called Eryngium campestre L.

Anthaxia hypomelaena

It is the hostplant of Anthaxia hypomelaena (Illiger, 1803).

In dry grasslands inhabits numerous species of Buprestidae, especially with small size.

Cylindromorphus filum

Cylindromorphus filum (Gyllenhal, 1817). - Its development takes place into the small stalks of different kinds of grass.

Picturesque village in the near of the Struma valley.

Anthaxia thalassophila pseudokervillei

Anthaxia thalassophila ssp. pseudokervillei Niehuis, 1990 sat on a yellow flower.

Anthaxia discicollis

Anthaxia discicollis Gory & Laporte, 1839 could be found on flowers in the near of its hostplant: Juniperus sp.

Steppe zone with Artemisia sp. and different kind of Carduoideae.

Meliboeus parvulus

A common Jewel Beetle of such places is Meliboeus parvulus K├╝ster, 1852.


A colourful cuckoo wasp (Chrysididae) could be observed, too.

Xerothermic hillside with Quercus sp.

Acmaeodera ottomana

Acmaeodera ottomana (Frivaldszky, 1837) sat on an oak twig.

Agrilus hyperici

Agrilus hyperici (Creutzer, 1799) on Hypericum sp.

Chrysis fasciata

One more cuckoo wasp: Chrysis fasciata Olivier, 1790.

Acmaeoderella cf. levantina

Jewel Beetle of the eastern mediterranean area: Acmaeoderella cf. levantina (Obenberger, 1934).


Undeterminated Dipsacaceae - hostplant for a very small kind of Buprestidae.

Trachys troglodytes

Trachys troglodytes Gyllenhal, 1817. The larvae make mines within the leaves.


Swarmed around bushes of Quercus sp., the cuckoo wasp (Chrysididae).

Anthaxia signaticollis

Anthaxia signaticollis (Krynicki, 1832) can be found in orchards and on places with different kind of fruit trees. The adults visiting white and yellow flowers.

Edge of the woods with Quercus sp.

Agrilus biguttatus

Agrilus biguttatus (Fabricius, 1776) swarmed around high branches.

Pinus nigra

Pinus nigra Arn. is the hostplant for some species of Jewel Beetles.

Anthaxia thessalica

One inconspicuous species is Anthaxia thessalica Brandl, 1981.

Last picture of the journey. Nice hillside 50 kilometers in south of Sofia.

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